| Sensational State of the Art 4-D / 5-D Magic Event Cinema

Cinovent is highly innovative entertainment company dedicated to creating the very best Cinematic Experience and the latest in HIGH-TECH CINEMAS producing totally immersive 3-D Films for audiences around the world.
Cinovent has developed and enhanced a spectacular Cinema System under the brand Name : 4-D / 5-D Magic Cinema Event.

This new attraction combines thrilling computer animated and live-action
3-D / 4-D Films with superbly designed additional special 4-D/5-D effects taking the audience to places they never imagined to be possible.
Our film technique creates fantastic 3-D effects and animations, floating
free in space combined with special elements such as air blasts, mist, fog, snow fall, storm effects, thunder, leg tickler, spider effects, seat vibration and but not least our 5-D effect flower/fog/fire smell etc. supported by 8 channel digital surround sound effects launching the audience to remarkable
cinematic journey.
The audience is not only watching the movie they are part of it.
All the additional special effects are programmed and synchronized with the
3-D film and the Super sound in the Magic Event Cinema.
Cinovent provides customized turn-key solutions and entertainment packages including 3-D film in various formats, a large screen digital projection System with high definition TV resolution. Since years we are providing 70mm 3-D film projection systems, designs, technology, including installation and training of the personal.


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