..| OneE.ON
..The biggest power and gas group in Germany presents : The first 3-D show in their marketing.
..Future oriented pictures combined with the excellent live music from the
Saxophone artist Finn Martin guarantees a highlight for customer’s sense.
..| Unesco World Heritage
..Take advantage from a wonderful sunrise until sunset with a fabulous variation of light and shadow.
..When life is becoming active in the very old wine cellars of the typical little villages
..and the relaxing cornice of the river Rhine. All those wonderful impressive things
..you can enjoy in watching our 3-D HDTV Production.
..| 3D Show, Cristall made by Swarovski
..The presentation of the new winter collection Swarovski surprised
..the audience with an exclusive 3-D Show produced by cinovent (former ACR).
..The fantastic 3-D effects get the jewelers floating free in space;
..it was a breathtaking experience for the visitors.
..| cinovent 4D-effects at Spacepark, Bremen
..Grand opening for the Star Trek Borg Encounter 4-D Theatre in one of the largest Indoor amusement parks in Europe.
..The Cinema is equipped with 252 E.Motion Seats with the special technology designed and installed by cinovent in
..joint venture with Paramount LA. The challenge was, to create a seat which gives the visitor a feeling to be in a space ship.
..Together with the thrilling 3-D space movie combined with special elements such as air blasts, seat vibration,
..air jets armrest, seat bladder back, increase back area appr. 5cm. supported by 8 channel digital sound effects
..launching the audience to a remarkable cinematic journey.
..| 3D Presentation IFA Frankfurt
..To present Webasto`s heating system in their booth at the IFA we Installed hot and cold sensor effects
..in synchronization with a special for that purpose produced 3-D movie.
..| Welcome to Travel Expo Cologne
..We produced for Air Berlin a fantastic totally animated 3-D movie with the actrice “Grasshopper”
..the movie was projected on a large screen to make the visitors mouth watering for their upcoming vacation.
..| Nature One - mission to future
..Cinovent`s premiere for the latest production is Mr. G.
..Mr. G is a hero for emergencies in cases.
..With this superbly designed movie cinovent is presenting an Oriental Spectacle in a fascinating 4-D HTDV Quality.

..| Mystery Park Interlaken / Swiss
..Seven Pavilions at Mystery Park are equipped with cinovent HDTV server technology.
..All in all there are 22 systems installed. 10 systems for soft edging in several pavilions
..Especially for the 360 degree Cinema in the CONTACT pavilions.
..For the Indian pavilion cinovent create the 3-D effects as well as the compositing
..of real shooting together with CGI.

..| Puschkin PXP Tour
..For Pusckin cinovent developed and enhanced a spectacular Motion Ride
..This new attraction combines thrilling computer animated and live-action 3-D films.
..The Motion ride is various usable in Discos, Outdoor locations, Eevents, Shopping malls, etc.